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We are the Awesome Marriage team.

We are so glad you are looking for tools to make your marriage awesome!

Everything on this site is designed to help couples have awesome marriages.

An awesome marriage doesn’t happen on accident. Marriage can be extremely difficult and stretch us in ways we weren’t prepared for. We get that; marriage is hard and life is busy. But your marriage was not meant to just survive, it was meant to thrive! That’s what this site is all about - helping your marriage thrive.

Dr. Kim Kimberling, our President and Founder, has been married for 50 years and has counseled thousands of couples throughout his 45 years as a Christian Counselor.

So let’s take your marriage up a notch!

Here are 5 easy ways we think we can help you have an awesome marriage:

  1. Through Dr. Kim’s One Thing Email OR One Thing Text Service.

  2. Through our podcast.

  3. Through our Marriage Resources. (We suggest you start with the 21 Day Husband Encouragement Challenge and the 21 Day Wife Appreciation Challenge!)

  4. Through our blog.

  5. Through Dr. Kim’s books.

Want to know more about us?

If you want to get to know Dr. Kim better, or find out more about our team and ministry here you go.

We pray all of this helps you have an awesome marriage. Thanks for jumping in!

– The Awesome Marriage Team

Are you single? Look for blog posts just for you. In our store you'll find Dr. Kim’s workbook designed especially for singles, The 30 Day Experiment for Singles.

Are you in a serious dating relationship or engaged? The online video class Preparing for the Marriage of a Lifetime is your next step. Hundreds of couples have benefitted from this teaching and you can take the course at a time that works best for you.

If you are engaged please enjoy our free Weekly Engaged Check Up Guide. Another great step to take would be to attend one of our Engaged Events.

Is your marriage in trouble? We want to help! Start with our free resource 10 Things To Do Before You Get A Divorce.

We value your input and feedback and thank you for being a part of the ministry of Awesome Marriage. Together, with God’s help, we are making a difference.

Dr. Kim Kimberling