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7 Secrets to an Awesome Marriage

This 7-hour weekend event is designed for all couples.  It is a practical, hands on approach to help couples receive the fullness in marriage that God has for them. 

Dr. Kim will work closely with the church to help couples connect with a small group or mentor couples.

The 7 Secrets:

• STOP (Break the Cycle of Insanity)
• START (Pursue God Together)
• CONNECT (Daily With Each Other)
• ENGAGE (Learning to Fight Right)
• BALANCE (Stay Balanced in Your Marriage)
• MINGLE (Sex at its deepest level)
• FIGHT (Together For Your Marriage)


7 Secrets to an Awesome Marriage Date Night Event

Evening event designed to let couples have a “Date Night” at their church and hear a powerful, practical, and challenging message from Dr. Kim.

Dr. Kim will work closely with the local church in planning this event. He will also help in designing the follow-up approach as the church continues to assist these couples in growing their marriage. 






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