25 years in the wilderness

I met my husband Ken when I was 15 and we were together for 7 years, we were married two of those years but little did I know that he was an alcoholic. I kept praying that God would help me to help him but God showed me three things to get out of the marriage and told me I needed to leave him and let him wander the wilderness until he found God. So we did divorce and Ken ended up spending two years in prison for being an habitual offender of DUI. That still did not wake him up. Finally as the alcohol started taking a toll on his body and was told he only had two years to live, did he finally admit himself into rehab. It was there God broke the addiction of alcohol and is now 18 years sober. Needless to say all of that time he spent 25 years in the wilderness, God saw fit to bring him back to me. Well my original thoughts were that we would only spend a few years apart, I learned God's timing is not mine. We have been married now four years and we feel very blessed to get a second chance and make up for all that we missed out over the 25 years we were apart. I believe God's ways are not our ways but that he loves us so that he looks within her heart and gives us our desires. May our story be a testimony of how works and moves. God bless you.


We rushed in to marriage and then drugs took ahold of him

We didn't know each other for very long and we rushed into marriage. My husband got addicted to drugs after 2 years of marriage. Things just went down hill fast and we both ended up committing adultery. Neither of us were living for the Lord and things just spiraled out of control, we were both so miserable. We divorced and it was an ugly battle. A year later, I was depressed, drinking and just wasn't happy with my life. I finally decided I needed God in my life. Later, my husband found God in jail through a prison ministry. One day he was reading his Bible and the verse that says do not forsake the wife of your youth struck him so he said a prayer about it. He wrote me and a long journey later, we are back together again. We have been back together for 6 years. My husband has been clean and sober for 8 years now. We both are living a life with God and our marriage is truly better than new! We still have ups and downs sometime but we love each other more and more each day and I am so thankful for that. God can really restore any marriage. I thank God everyday! I am thankful for Dr. Kim and his resources that help us to keep our marriage good and remind us that we are better together and much better when God is at the center of things! 

You brought me back to God

"Thank you Dr. Kim for bringing my focus back to godliness and how to apply this to my daily life & to my family. I'd lost hope in renewing the light in my life and my relationship & today I stand firmly in the belief that God has not forsaken me nor has he left me standing here alone. You brought me back to God with this encouraging message and this alone has saved me."


My marriage was crumbling

"I reached out to Awesome Marriage looking for prayer because my marriage was crumbling. I was on the verge of leaving my husband after a year of back and forth infidelity and lies on his part. Awesome Marriage responded, prayed for us, sent us resources, and helped us find a Christian Counselor in our area. Since then my husband and I have began counseling and we are dedicated to start rebuilding our marriage and putting God first. Thank you for sharing the podcasts and ebooks. We've been listening to the podcasts together and reading through all the books. It has helped us to stay focused on our goal: rebuilding our marriage. Counseling is really helping too, I feel like our marriage is really on the mend and on it's way to being better than it's ever been before. Thank you all so much for your prayers and this ministry!"


We are so excited to be going into this marriage well equipped

"My fiancé is a cross country trucker & is only home every 6 to 8 weeks. He is 61 & I am almost 60. We were thrilled to find your premarital plan, we found it by doing our devotional from the YouVersion Bible app!

We share what we’ve learned for hours on the phone! Your course is incredible, deep and informative & we are both so incredibly blessed to have found it, we’re both positive we were lead to it by the Holy Spirit! I’m telling everyone we know, married or waiting on a marriage to check you out! We are so excited to be going into this marriage well equipped & as sexually pure as we can be going on a 2nd marriage. 

I pray that more people can get what we have from all of your hard work & life experiences. Thank you so much!!!"


I started listening to Dr. Kim and this ministry as a single divorced mother

"I've been a part of Awesome Marriage now since I found it on Facebook almost 4 years ago. I get the emails of the podcast and I'm so grateful. I started listening to Dr. Kim and this ministry as a single divorced mother, and took the 30 day challenge to date only God a few years ago, which lead to to be okay in my loneliness. Fast forward, I am now in a blended family and enjoying my marriage and family. I am so thankful for this ministry! "

- Jami

I knew if my husband would change, I would be happy

"I was so happy the first year of our marriage and knew in my heart marrying Ethan was the right decision. Then he began to change and he told me that I was changing too. We seemed so much alike at first, and now we were so different. I told Ethan that if he would just change, I knew we would be happy. He looked at me with anger and said, “Why don’t you change so I can be happy?” A friend gave us Dr. Kim’s book, “7 Secrets to an Awesome Marriage” and encouraged us to read it together. When we got to the part about “embracing each other’s differences,” we sat the book down and just looked at each other. We had our answer. Now we just had to put it into action. We used the “7 Secrets Workbook” and a lot of the other resources from Awesome Marriage. We learned so much and know if we are to have the marriage we both want, it will take us both working together day after day. We are very thankful for Awesome Marriage."


What would happen to our marriage when we were separated by an ocean for a year?

"We made the decision to buy our first home in part because we thought deployment would be at least two years off. It was a few weeks after we were settled in our new home that Nathan received word that deployment was imminent. We were doing so well and were so connected. What would happen to our marriage when we were separated by an ocean for a year? How would we stay connected? I called my friend Ellie. I’m not sure why, since her situation was the total opposite of what I wanted for my marriage, but Ellie told me about Awesome Marriage and all the things they offered online for couples to connect. She said that she believed Awesome Marriage would have made a difference for them, but she only learned about it a couple of months ago. I took her advice, and by the time Nathan left, we were locked in to everything Awesome Marriage. During the year of his deployment, we didn’t just stay connected; our marriage actually grew!"


The red flags were everywhere, but neither one of us saw them

"When I looked at Eli, I felt nothing. I thought that was good because I could have hated him.  When he looked at me, I knew he felt the same. I could see it in his eyes. One of the pastors in our church, Mark, pulled Eli aside one Sunday morning and asked him to lunch that week. Eli accepted, and that was the first step in the right direction. At lunch, Mark told Eli that he knew something was wrong in our marriage. Eli opened up and said he had little hope that we would make it and honestly did not really care that much. Mark asked Eli to do one thing, and that was for us to meet with Dr. Kim. It was a process that took over a year, but today our marriage is better than ever, and we are very intentional about continuing to grow it every day.

Dr. Kim and Awesome Marriage gave us hope and the tools we needed that made the difference. We are so thankful for this ministry."


I needed something to hold onto, to give me hope!

“The first five years of our marriage were as close to perfect as I thought possible. We were in a great church where we both served every week. Thomas prayed with me every evening and we were in a small group with other couples that we meshed well with. It wasn’t like things changed all at once but I knew something was different. Over about a year, I saw Thomas pull completely away from God. He began missing church and resigned from serving. We only prayed when I brought it up and even then I knew he was reluctant. Some of the men in our small group tried to talk to him but he avoided them until they finally gave up. Finally, he told me what I already knew, he was done with God. It felt like my world crashed around me. The marriage I dreamed of was now completely different. A friend suggested the YouVersion reading plan by Dr. Kim titled “Unequally Yoked.” Nothing has really changed yet with Thomas but I have hope and a plan. I have a clear picture of what to do and what not to do. I am so thankful for Awesome Marriage.”


During the two years that we dated, we never realized how different we were when it came to money

"We married in our late twenties, we both had good jobs and we did fine with money in our single lives. In marriage, things were different. Mark was always wanting to spend and that scared me. I began to withdraw from him and shut down emotionally. Not only were we not communicating but the wall between us was growing with each passing day. Dr. Kim and the principles we learned from him and Awesome Marriage literally saved our marriage from disaster. Today we have a budget that we plan together and we are on the same page with our finances. We are very grateful."


After we married, my modern day Romeo gradually faded away

"When we were dating, I thought Matt was a modern day Romeo.  He was very thoughtful and attentive.  After the honeymoon, though, things began to gradually change.  Honestly, part of the problem was me.  I was finishing grad school and Matt was conquering the business world.  We spent time together but the romance gradually faded to zero.  That day after our “disastrous anniversary dinner” I went into panic mode.  I called my lifelong best friend and told her everything.  She shared with me about Dr. Kim and Awesome Marriage.  I looked at the web site, listened to some podcasts, read some blogs and suddenly had hope.  I prayed and then talked to Matt.  That was the first step in putting romance back as a priority in our marriage.  It would not have happened without Awesome Marriage!"


They were probably the happiest couple I knew!

“It wasn’t that everything was perfect that first three years. We had our challenges, but nothing like having the three babies so close together. We were tired all the time. The stacks of wash to do and dirty diapers to dispose of was endless. It seems like I never saw a smile on Carol’s face that was meant for me. Dr. Kim performed our marriage ceremony and kept up with us from time to time. I think I shocked him that day I called out of desperation saying, ‘We need help or we aren’t going to make it.’ Over the next few months, he helped get us back on track as we began praying and doing his YouVersion reading plans together. He taught us how to be happy even when our circumstances were overwhelming. It took some time but our marriage went from surviving to thriving. Today we take advantage of all the great resources that Awesome Marriage has. Staying focused on building our marriage is our new commitment together.”


Our sex life had never been that great but we never talked about it

"Looking back, our sex life had never been that great but we never talked about it. We were in a cycle of not having sex, having sex because we felt we were suppose to, and both of us feeling frustrated and often guilty afterwards. Dr. Kim encouraged us to discuss our sex life with each other. We shared together in ways that we never had before. He taught us that sex in marriage is truly a gift from God. It took work and some time but we finally began to embrace this gift. Today our sex life is great and an important part of our marriage."


It seemed like our great marriage crashed overnight

"We thought nothing could derail our marriage but we were tired, stressed by finances, and seemingly had no time for each other. We were existing together, trying not to give up, but getting closer to that decision every day. Without the hope and tools we received from Awesome Marriage, I don’t think our marriage would have survived. Now we are better at raising our kids  and we make time for each other every day."